The Feminist Voice in Parliment: Dr Harini Amarasuriya

Illustration by Danushri Welikala-
  1. Maiden Parliament Speech NPP MP Dr. Harini, Newswire, 11th September 2020,
  2. Interview — Harini Amarasuriya, E-International Relations, 25th June 2020,
  3. Harini Amarasuriya, ResearchGate (Profile),
  4. “Women in Sri Lanka need to change the Masculine, Toxic political space”: Dr. Harini Amarasuriya, BehanBox, 4th August 2020,
  5. The story of the “6% t-shirt”: The hundred day struggle of the Federation of University Teachers’ Association, Sri Lanka, Dileepa Witharana, Core,



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Everystory Sri Lanka

Everystory Sri Lanka


Everystory Sri Lanka (formed in 2018) is a collective of young Sri Lankan feminists identifying as a storytelling collective.