Everystory Sri Lanka’s Public Teach-Out on Sri Lanka’s Women’s Movements

Everystory Sri Lanka
3 min readJun 8, 2024


Everystory Sri Lanka is a not-for-profit organization that uses storytelling and knowledge-sharing to challenge and dismantle systems of power and oppression as we try to build a world that is truly equal and equitable. We focus on creating this space in Sri Lanka and South Asia, rooted in our histories, traditions, cultures, and practices.

We are hosting a Public Teach-Out event on the 15th of June, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the Colombo Public Library Auditorium on the topic “Women’s Movements of Sri Lanka.”

The key figures, organizations, and contributions of women who have shaped Sri Lanka are often left out of history books and forgotten in mainstream narratives. This event will feature trilingual interactive discussions, delving into the rich history of women’s movements in Sri Lanka.

The discussions will happen in all three languages;

English: at 2:15 PM
Sinhala: at 3:00 PM
Tamil: at 3:45 PM

Additionally, participants are encouraged to experience our unique human library, where you can engage with women from different generations working on different interests who will share their memories, perspectives, and insights.

All events are free to access. No pre-registration is required.

We highly encourage students to join us with their friends and family. There will be a children’s corner with a professional childminder.

The public library is an accessible venue. The bus routes are 138 and 177.

Bring your ideas, and reflections, and join us for an evening of learning about Sri Lanka’s Women’s Movements.



Everystory Sri Lanka

Everystory Sri Lanka (formed in 2018) is a collective of young Sri Lankan feminists identifying as a storytelling collective.